Pipeline Cleaning

Count on North American Services Group to be your single source provider. North American can satisfy your entire pipeline cleaning requirements. By offering a wide range of services within this area, North American can minimize your maintenance costs while reducing time spent dealing with multiple vendors. Add to that a dedication to safety, state-of-the-art equipment and professionalism, and it is plain to see why North American is your best choice for service, performance and value

Wherever you need us:

North American’s pipeline cleaning division provides industrial pipeline cleaning and restoration services to industries anywhere in the world. Industrial facilities that regularly utilize North American’s services include (but are not limited to) refineries and mines, as well as chemical, municipal, aluminum and power plants.    


Patented flow based technology:

The fluid, that flows through the pipelines, is used to propel the cleaning system employed by North American. With this system, there are no cables or power connections; just pressure and flow enable the "tool" to clean thousands of feet - even miles - of pipe, all in a single, continuous operation.


Tried and true:

This process has been proven to remove deposits of all known specific gravities. In fact, very hard iron and calcium compounds, minerals, sand, silt, sedimentation, paraffin, waxes, naphthalene, organics, and biofilm deposits are among the materials successfully removed with North American’s technology.    


Fit for use with a wide range of sizes and materials:

The cleaning tool utilized by North American works in pipelines, ranging from 3 inches to 96 inches in diameter. Since material compatibility is always a concern, pipelines such as steel, cast iron, concrete, PVC, corrugated and even lined pipe can be easily accommodated with the North American system. .


Just like new again:

It has been demonstrated again and again that a pipeline cleaned by the North American process will have the flow characteristics equal to what it had when the pipeline was first commissioned. This is possible because the design of the North American cleaning tool is such that the cutting blades work without gouging or scraping the inner pipe wall.