Chemical Cleaning

North American provides detailed procedures to customize your chemical cleaning projects. Every project is approached with a Hazard Analysis which includes environmental impact and zero spill procedures.

North American offers state of the art equipment with proven methods and procedures for: Oil Refining and Petrochemical, Utility Power Generation, Cogeneration Industry, Food & Beverage Industry, Pulp and Paper Industry, Aerospace Industry and Mining Industry. To name just a few.


  • Boiler, Steam Lines, and Jacketed Vessels
  • Exchangers, Plate-and Frame Exchangers, Vessels, Towers, and Drums
  • Passivation of Stainless Steel Systems, Pickling and Passivation of Piping Systems
  • GMP Cleaning and Sterilization of Silos, Piping Systems, and Filling Systems
  • Vapor Phase Cleaning of Towers, Exchangers, Vessels, and Piping Systems
  • Cleaning of Cooling Water Systems
  • Foaming of Fin Fan Coolers
  • Pre-Operational Chemical Cleaning
  • Pre-Operational of Oxygen Systems
  • Drying of Systems
  • Lube Oil System Flushing
  • Tank Cleaning
  • On Site Portable Lab