Water blasting / Hydro-Blasting

North American Industrial Services, Inc utilizes high pressure water blasters up to 40K P.S.I. and up to 700 hp to remove the toughest deposits in your facilities. We have the capability of performing offline and online hydro-blasting. Using the most advanced equipment, technologies and best trained work force in the industry we will finish the toughest jobs, safely and productively.

Vacuum Truck Services

North American Industrial Services, Inc maintains a large fleet of industrial vacuum trucks. Our vacuum trucks are all 27 inch vacuum and most are 6000 cfm. This enables us to move very large volumes of material over long distances and in a shorter period of time.

Abrasive Blasting

North American Industrial Services, Inc has a large abrasive blasting division which uses abrasive media propelled through an adjustable nozzle at high velocity. This technology can be utilized in a variety of applications from boiler cleaning offline or online, surface preparation, inspections, electrostatic precipitators, tanks, rail cars, just to mention a few.


Explosives De-Slagging

North American Industrial Services, Inc. We are experts in utilizing explosives for industrial cleaning. We offer offline explosives and our patented online explosives. With the largest staff of licensed industrial explosive technicians in the world. We have performed thousands of successful cleaning jobs.

Pipeline Cleaning

North American Industrial Services Inc pipeline cleaning division uses a special tool designed to use fluidized pressure as the sole engine for its cleaning system. This tool with the fluidized technology has proven to extremely fast, safer than traditional cleaning technologies and very effective.

Hydro Demolition

North American Industrial Services, Inc has a hydro-demolition division that uses a high-pressure jet capable of disintegrating concrete without damaging the underlying rebar.



North American Industrial Services, Inc Operates one of the most advanced fleet of hydro-excavation equipment.  This is the newest in non-destructive precision trenching that ensures safe and efficient excavation.

Automated-bundle cleaning

North American Industrial Services, Inc Operates the most advanced fleet of multi lance bundle cleaners and shell side cleaning systems that reduce set up time and increase productivity.